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Karyn Brooks, Vendor Events Coordinator

Kathy Smith wearing her "Purple Dreams" Soutache necklace

   Kym Skokan wearing "Norwegian Sun"


 "Thank you so much for the beautiful earrings.  The design is unique,  the colors are gorgeous and they are so light."Kathy Hankins 
(both bracelets also by Suzanne)



"I'm a woman...therefore I LOVE jewelry!....haved lived in this area for 15 years & there are soooo many amazing jewelry artists locally that tempt me......BUT have to say Suzanne Suber's amazing art pieces  just stand out in the crowd, have never seen such quality & unique creations.  I was double-wowed & had a hard time just choosing one to purchase & SURE I will be back to add to my collection.  I've already gotten more compliments on this particular piece than anything I've purchased in the past!" Elaine Lefebvre 


Valoie G. Sizemore wearing "Ravel" necklace with matching tasseled earrings. 
One of the sweetest ladies I've come across! 

 "Mermaid Song"  

Liz Juneau: I love how you encorporated the sea shell in your design. So pretty!

Rena Klingenberg: Suzanne, this is just stunning. The elements you combined, and the way you put them together, is so artistic!                                                                              

 Anne Mulligan: Spectacular!

Lyn Deutsch: Beautifully crafted with a vintage appeal. Gorgeous!  

Renee: WOW! It is beautiful and I love how you made it so the pearl necklace can be changed out.   

 "Sanibel Sunrise"                                                                                                            Lana Lovingood Richey Beautiful!!! 

Cynthia Square Regal!

M Kathleen Willin Love that mermaid touch

Luke Weldon Brandy Casey

Susan Windsor Davis What? I have never seen anything like this!

Freddie Carolyn Diplacido Gorgeous!!!

Ann Mebert Just checked out the website - just stunning work!

Christie Bennett White Stunning!

Shelia Hanson Sellers How very, very beautiful heart emoticon

"Athena"                                                                                                              Beadz2Pleeze New Zealand - wow that's beautiful

"Court Flamingo"                                                                                                              Kathleen Daly Peterson Aww! Perfect for a Southern lady!

"Teal Peacock" 

Sarla Devi N This is very beautiful.(Malaysia) 


Kimberly Skokan I was stopped by a lovely lady in the Hot-lanta airport on my layover this morning. She complimented my beautiful necklace. She now has your card.

"Blue Koi"

 Kimberly Skokan Oh my! Elle est tres belle.

Jean Ciroalo WOW!


Marlyn Rudas Que hermoso y elegante!!!

Isabel Franco Garcia: Precioso You have beautiful creations

"Marie Antoinette"                                                                                                            Marlyn Rudas Hermoso y elegante bello diseño!!!

"HMS Victoria"                                                                                                                   Luba Shul Beautiful and unique!

"Henna Peacock"                                                                                                                    Beadfreak (Bead Style Magazine) This is beautiful in its simplicity. I would wear this in a heartbeat a be proud!

"Indigo Waves:

Andrea Lyn Cammarato Van Benschoten Your Indigo Waves piece is amazing!

Shelia Hanson Sellers How very, very beautiful heart emoticon

Ann Mebert Saw more of her work -absolutely gorgeous!

Deborah March SPECTACULAR!!

Elizabeth Hiebler gorgeous!!!   (Siren Sky)

Heidi Stiffler Johnson This is stunning!

Elizabeth Lux wonderful!

Donna Ankony Andrews WOW!

Rose Rader Your work is breathtaking thank you so much for sharing

Mary Stetz Beaty Just gorgeous 

Serena Weldon fab pieces!!

Mitch Mitton Beautiful work

Shep Monroe Gorgeous!!

Toutoune Perles Superbe! 


Marlene Gaitan Beautiful!!


Lisa Batchelder Exquisite work

"Purple Dream"                                                                                                                        Kathy Smith She is a beauty and I can easily see how she could be one of your favorites. 


Jaroka Stella BEAUTIFULL!!


Liana Bijoux - Woow ...este superb ..♥

Kathy Hankins -  Oh Suzanne..a perfect set designed by a true artist! These are perfect for a bridal set or Putting on the Ritz with your girlfriends!

Joanie Bead Fantastik - Wow that is soooo gorgeous !

Isabel Franco Garcia - una preciosidad

Jaroka Stella - STUNNING!! Im just amazed of the designs and the artwork ..


Jenn Stapp- its breath taking!!!!!!! wow!



 More Comments:

Jewelry by Becky: Lovely, unique pieces. An elegant twist on the sea motif.

RANIA JEWELRY: Beautiful, Unconventional Jewelry

Ashley Robinson: Amazing Talent                                                                                            Crissy Shaw - Some beautiful jewelry

Colleen Crandall: Your necklaces are truly unique, and rare

Lisa Batchelder  Suzanne, you are in a class of your own. What beautiful work of art.

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