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Transference of Creativity

As I see it, life is a constant redirection or transference of creativity.  From the day that we are born until the day that we die we are creating our world within a world.  Our imagination, borne within our subconscious mind, is active whether or not we are aware of it. 

In our youth we derive pleasure from art in its many forms.  Drawing on paper, with a stick in the sand or dirt, cutting different shapes out of colored paper, connecting leaves with little twigs, weaving grass, picking a bouquet of wild flowers, collecting butterflies, learning to sew or crochet, nailing bottle caps to a board.  I’m sure that you can think of many others from your own childhood.  It is very important to remember. 

As we grow older our time becomes more controlled by our surroundings and circumstances.  We were taught to keep our coloring confined within the lines someone else had structured for us.  When we reach the adult years, our life of creativity that once helped us to know who we were became crowded out by its’ numerous obligations. 

But, no need to worry…  For without being aware of it, our imagination picks up and redirects itself as needed.  We become creative in our work environment, whatever it may be.  I feel that one of the most rewarding ways of using our creativity is to help mold the life of a happy child.  To help them develop their own creative element.  

Some may scoff at my way of thinking on this by expressing that they have never had an artistic need.  Apparently they have never taken a real long look at their lives.  When they dress do they coordinate their attire?  Are they in awe at a beautiful sunset (creating emotion within their being)?  Do they become that person in the movie that they are watching?  Do they mow the lawn in parallel lines?  A friend who operated a backhoe once told me that he was an artist because it took skill to create his uniform piles of dirt. 

Suzanne C. Suber  © June 12, 1998

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